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I am a state accredited and sworn translator for English and German, appointed by Munich Regional Court. This means that I can provide certified translations which fulfil the requirements for ‟official” translations.

Why me?

What are the qualities of a good translator? An excellent command of both languages is essential. This ability needs to be complemented by academic qualifications, professional expertise, hands-on experience and an in-depth understanding of the business or processes. Only then can you be sure of getting the quality you’re looking for.

I was born in Oxford, England, grew up and studied in the UK (B.A. Honours – Modern Languages) and have worked as a professional translator (German-English and English-German) in Munich, Germany, for over 30 years. Before setting up as a freelance translator I worked in sales, marketing and supply chain management in international companies in London (M.A.N. – GHH (Great Britain) Ltd.) and Munich (W.L. Gore & Co. GmbH, GORE-TEX fabrics). I particularly enjoy translating German press releases and advertising copy into English and also have extensive experience in translating all other kinds of texts and business related materials. As a state accredited and sworn translator, appointed by Munich Regional Court, I can also provide certified translations of school and university degree certificates, job references and official documents for courts of law or other official purposes.

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Joanna Nibler

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